A random twiddling…..

This is just a little “idea” from a couple of years ago that I ran across yesterday. I haven’t done anything with it  – trying to decide if I should.

I was raised by a killer. Not your garden variety killer – you know, the ‘in the heat of the moment’ type? No, that wasn’t Pops at all. Pops was the scientific type. Not a serial killer, mind you – at least not in the normal sense. No – Pops didn’t kill by ones or twos. He killed by tens and hundreds. The last time – well, that was by the thousands. Not that he got the credit, or blame as the case may be, for that one…

It’s Here!

Well, after entirely too long, my first short story collection is up for sale.  Right now, this is the only place to get it and it’s only available as a PDF  in PDF, MOBI, and EPUB formats.  I’ve been having some trouble converting it to Kindle format – though I know Kindle will read PDFs.

Check out the Digital Products page.  If you look at the left hand side of the any page on the site, you should actually see a link to a shopping cart – that will get you there too!