November 2015

November is National Novel Writing Month!  That means that my plans are a little different than they are for most months.

Zero Draft – Hollywood Divine
This is my planned project for NaNoWriMo.  The word count to win NaNo is 50,000 but I’m shooting for 65,000. That will hopefully mean less I have to add during the revision stage.

Other Writing –
Blog posts – I’m hoping for at least one blog post here every week, but we’ll see what happens. I’m also hoping to post on my non-writing site.
Short stories/Flash fiction – I doubt I’ll get any new stories written, but depending on how Hollywood Divine goes, I might get one or two done but I’m not counting on it.
Revisions – any revision work is unlikely. I may make some notes, but that’s about it.

Refilling the Well

Creative Journal 10-19 to 10-25

Creative Journal for October 19th through 25th, 2015

Words and the writing of them are definitely one expression of creativity. There are countless numbers of others.

When you concentrate on one form of expression constantly, sooner or later, the well runs dry for a bit and it’s time to refill it.

This is one of the ways I try to keep the well from running dry.  I refill it a few drops each day by playing with a more visual form of expression.  I’m not a visual artist, but the point is the quality of the artwork. It’s the expression of my thoughts and creativity in a different medium.

Because this kind of expression is not my preferred method, it requires my mind to think differently and to stretch a bit.  And often, that few minutes each day that I spend doing this exercise pays unexpected dividends.  Solutions to problems – both in my life and my writing – surface. My enthusiasm  for writing increases  – in part because it seems so much easier than that few minutes!

The well still runs dry sometimes – I still draw out more than I put in each day, but it takes longer and the well refills more quickly. It’s a small thing in the overall picture, but it’s one that matters, both in the short term and long term.

I’d recommend a similar practice to anyone involved in creative endeavours, though everyone has to find the method that works for them. Another writer might find expression in music, or some other craft. Someone in the visual arts might find it in writing a line or two.  A musician might find it a physical art, like sculpture or drawing.

Writers don’t work just with words. The good ones don’t, anyway. Their writing touches all the senses. The only way to do that is to experience those senses in a way that touches the writer themself, and that means stretching beyond just words.

This is one of the ways I stretch myself.

August 2015 Wrapup

Things started to go off the rails in August – and didn’t do any writing in September (so no planning or update posts for that month) – I’m only now getting things back on track!

Zero Draft – Clockwork Empire
I only managed about 22,000 words on Clockwork Empire.  There was a lot more background and planning work for the story than I’d planned on. I did get most of it worked out, but the writing was slow.

Revision – Dark and Light
The goal was 45,000 words and I got to 43,000.  I had to stop and re-evaluate some things when the feedback on Shadows and Secrets came in, since Dark and Light is the sequel.

Blog Posts – 
Blog posts…. right…. I had planned to do several of them here and on other sites. That didn’t happen. I need to better about that. I promise I’ll do better!

October 2015

The month is almost over, but I thought I’d start getting myself back in the habit. I’ve had to rearrange things a bit, since September was a complete wash, and several days were taken up by attending the Sirens Conference in Denver.

Zero Draft – 
Finish Clockwork Empire
Tarot is on hold until after NaNo – it may get pushed to 2016 depending on how the writing goes between now and then.

Revision – 
Finish Dark and Light

Short/Flash Fiction – 

Blog Posts – 

  • July Wrapup
  • August Wrapup
  • October Planning
  • Sirens Report
  • Creative, non-writing Project
  • at least one post on Wandering at the Shadows Edge
  • at least one post on Find the Soul

July 2015 Wrapup

August and September were a little hectic – I meant to update this quite a while ago. In any case, here’s the late, unlamented July 2015 Wrapup. LOL.

I finished the revision of the Shadows and Secrets zero draft and sent it out to a few beta readers.  That was the easiest, and smoothest, part of the planned July activities. I found I really enjoyed adding complexity to the story and characters.  It did mean I had to make some notes for the revisions to the sequel, Dark and Light.

Blog posts went about the way I’d planned for them to go – which was a good start. I only wish things had continued that way! I’ll try to do better going forward.

The planned flash fiction didn’t really happen. I got distracted by other things and other ideas.  I did write 2 flash fiction pieces, but neither were the ones I’d planned on. Something about the gods of War and Death arguing in the back of my head derailed the planned writing. 😉

Overall, I’m pretty happy with the way July went. Here’s hoping the rest of the year goes closer to plan.