January 2017 Planning

I haven’t updated here in awhile and we’re a third of the way through the month, but I need to start being accountable again.  So here’s January’s plan though it’s a bit short!


Double Helix – Shadows and Secrets


Double Helix – Emergence anthology

Zero Drafts/Revisions

  • Not Alone Project short story
  • Witches & Warriors short story

Decisions, Decisions

The benefit anthology that I wrote a story for is coming out soon.  As the US “publisher” I’ve been very involved in getting it set up with several different distribution channels. It hasn’t been too difficult, though they’re all just a little different.

But there’s a problem.

That book, sitting there all by itself on each distribution page, looks lonely.

My name is on the book, if I had other stories published – traditionally, or self-published – I could take advantage of any sales on the anthology.  There won’t be any “By the same author” links for any of my writing.  Some of my fellow contributors probably will see links like that with their names in them.

I’ve always intended to self-publish some of my writing. But I’ve been concentrating on a couple of novels that I was planning to submit for traditional publishing. I don’t have anything ready, polished enough, to self-publish right now. And a month probably isn’t long enough when I’m working on promoting the anthology.

So, do I pause the projects I’m working on? Self-publish them instead of going the traditional route? Or do I pull out some of the story ideas I haven’t written yet, finish and polish them with the intention of self-publishing them as soon as possible?

Decisions, decisions…

February 2016 Planning

Normally I try to switch between zero drafts and revisions, but since I’m querying Secrets and Shadows starting this month, I thought revising the sequel would be a good idea. I’m sure it will take a couple months to hear back on any of my queries, but I’d like to have the sequel more or less ready to go, just in case.


Dark and Light

Short Stories

2AM Cheerios (title will probably change)

Blog Posts

1 per week here
1 per week on other blogs

Other Writing Related Projects

  • Track words written/revised
  • Send out queries for Secrets & Shadows
  • Post first audio/video short
  • Track queries and responses

January 2016 Plan

I didn’t keep up with the plans or wrap-ups toward the end of 2015. I’m going to try to do better in 2016.


Secrets & Shadows – final revision before sending out queries

Short Stories

End of Existence

Blog Posts

1 per week here

  • Jan 1-7
  • Jan 8-14
  • Jan 15-21
  • Jan 22-28

1 per week on other blogs

  • Jan 1-7 – Wandering at the Shadow’s Edge
  • Jan 8-14
  • Jan 15-21
  • Jan 22-28

Other Writing Related Projects

  • Track words written/revised
  • Re-establish email list
  • Research/Choose audio and/or video shorts possibilities
  • Revise Secrets & Shadows synopsis and base query text

November 2015

November is National Novel Writing Month!  That means that my plans are a little different than they are for most months.

Zero Draft – Hollywood Divine
This is my planned project for NaNoWriMo.  The word count to win NaNo is 50,000 but I’m shooting for 65,000. That will hopefully mean less I have to add during the revision stage.

Other Writing –
Blog posts – I’m hoping for at least one blog post here every week, but we’ll see what happens. I’m also hoping to post on my non-writing site.
Short stories/Flash fiction – I doubt I’ll get any new stories written, but depending on how Hollywood Divine goes, I might get one or two done but I’m not counting on it.
Revisions – any revision work is unlikely. I may make some notes, but that’s about it.

October 2015

The month is almost over, but I thought I’d start getting myself back in the habit. I’ve had to rearrange things a bit, since September was a complete wash, and several days were taken up by attending the Sirens Conference in Denver.

Zero Draft – 
Finish Clockwork Empire
Tarot is on hold until after NaNo – it may get pushed to 2016 depending on how the writing goes between now and then.

Revision – 
Finish Dark and Light

Short/Flash Fiction – 

Blog Posts – 

  • July Wrapup
  • August Wrapup
  • October Planning
  • Sirens Report
  • Creative, non-writing Project
  • at least one post on Wandering at the Shadows Edge
  • at least one post on Find the Soul

July 2015 Wrapup

August and September were a little hectic – I meant to update this quite a while ago. In any case, here’s the late, unlamented July 2015 Wrapup. LOL.

I finished the revision of the Shadows and Secrets zero draft and sent it out to a few beta readers.  That was the easiest, and smoothest, part of the planned July activities. I found I really enjoyed adding complexity to the story and characters.  It did mean I had to make some notes for the revisions to the sequel, Dark and Light.

Blog posts went about the way I’d planned for them to go – which was a good start. I only wish things had continued that way! I’ll try to do better going forward.

The planned flash fiction didn’t really happen. I got distracted by other things and other ideas.  I did write 2 flash fiction pieces, but neither were the ones I’d planned on. Something about the gods of War and Death arguing in the back of my head derailed the planned writing. 😉

Overall, I’m pretty happy with the way July went. Here’s hoping the rest of the year goes closer to plan.

August 2015

Here are my planned projects for August – Zero draft and revision work in the same month is probably ambitious, but I have a request for the revision and I want to work on something new too.

Zero Drafts

  • Clockwork Empire – 80,000-90,000


  • Dark and Light – 45,000 of 90,000

Flash Fiction/Short Stories

  • None

Blog Posts

  • here – four to six
    • August Plan
    • July Wrapup
    • The World of the Double Helix
  • Wandering at the Shadows’ Edge – one
  • Find the Soul – one


July 2015 Goals

These are my planned projects and word counts for July 2015

Revisions- 95,598 words

  • Shadows and Secrets

Flash Fiction – 750-3000 words

  • 3 – 6 stories for Monstrous Beauties/Beautiful Monsters

Not scheduled – 471 words

  • Spirit Battalion, RIP
  • Office of Personnel Management

Blog Posts/Pages – 600 words

  • July Goals
  • 2015 Projects
  • Future Projects
  • Types of  projects
  • Status of projects/My process


Record Keeping

I’ve been neglecting this site, though I have been writing. I’m going to fix that though, so expect to see more posts going forward.

I’m going to use this site to track my work and my process and to share how I work. Hopefully, you’ll find it interesting, and it will help me stay accountable and getting words on the page.

Expect to see monthly goals and results, records of what went well and what gave me problems. I’ll be throwing in surveys and polls occasionally , along with snippets of some of my works-in-progress. And of course, announcements of any publications.

Even though July is half over, and the year is more than half gone, I’m going to start this month and go forward.  If you want to see what my writing To-Do list looks like, watch for monthly posts and two new pages. The pages will show what I’m working on for the year and what projects are sitting on the back burner.