Wrap-up January 2018

Here’s how I did on my January plan

  • Draft a short story (revise and publish if time)
    • started but not finished – continuing in February
  • Revise Emergence
    • in progress – continuing in February
  • Publish print version of Shadows and Secrets
    • not done – hopefully will be done in February
  • Finish zero draft of Clockwork Empire
    • not done – partial draft reviewed and notes made
  • Revise Double Helix book
    • not done – notes made
  • submit Sirens short story for beta reader feed back
    • postponed until February
  • Post on Find the Soul, At the Shadows Edge, and here every week
    • posted every week except the last week of January

February 2018 Plan

Stories – Writing/Revisions

  • Regrets/No Regrets – February’s short story – rewrite due to short month
  • Finish Tapestry of Shadows – January’s short story
  • Clockwork Empire #1
  • Helix #2

Blog posts (weekly)

Other Writing Related Tasks

  • Double Helix site/wiki
  • Two book reviews (missed January’s)
  • Revamp mailing list

January 2018 Plan

A little late getting this out…. but here goes.

  • Draft a short story (revise and publish if time)
  • Revise Emergence
  • Publish print version of Shadows and Secrets
  • Finish zero draft of Clockwork Empire
  • Revise Double Helix book 
  • submit Sirens short story for beta reader feed back
  • Post on Find the Soul, At the Shadows Edge, and here every week

2018 Writing and Publishing Plan

The plan for 2018? Write more and publish more!  *laughs*

You want more detail? Specifics are on the 2018 Plan page, but I’ll give you some general ideas of what I have planned.

  • Minimum of one post per week here and on my other sites
  • One short story drafted and revised (possibly published) each month
  • One zero or revision draft completed each month
  • Grow my list of beta readers/editors
  • Restart my mailing list
  • Learn more about marketing and improve mine
  • Create site for the Double Helix stories
  • Publish the second and third Double Helix books
  • Help coordinate and publish the third Sirens benefit anthology

I’ve scheduled writing/revision/editing/formatting time into everyday. It and my “wake up” time are the two blocks that can’t be touched, so that should help. I’ve gotten to the point where doing something writing related everyday is habit and it feels weird if I skip a day. That should help as well.

What I’m hoping for is to get enough content out there for readers to start finding me even if I’m still lousy at marketing at the end of the year. I expect several of the short stories will end up self-published – if they do, they’ll be exclusive to Kindle. Eventually I’ll publish collections, and those may be available with other online retailers.

Time to get writing!

2017 Wrap Up

How did I do this year? That depends on how you look at things.

I didn’t publish what I wanted to. I didn’t even write as much as I wanted to. Schedule changes at the day job and life changes cut into my writing schedule and I got way off track. A few new story ideas didn’t help matters.

On the bright side, I did write and I did get back on track in October and November. I’m not unhappy with where I am as 2017 ends. I have plans to increase my writing production and improve my pretty much none existent marketing.

I started several short stories that didn’t get finished. I revised several stories of different lengths. And I learned. My writing and my process are continually improving in ways that I can see. My plotting is getting better and my zero drafts are starting to include some of those things that I’ve always had to add in revisions.

My plan for 2018 is almost done. I’m still tweaking a few things, but I’ll be posting it soon.

Thanks for sticking with me!

Early September Progress Report

We’re five days into September and so far I’ve been pretty productive.

I have:

  • posted over at Wandering at the Shadows’ Edge
  • posted over at Find the Soul
  • written 567 words on a new short story
  • set up the charity anthology on Amazon, CreateSpace, and Digital2Draft
  • tracked my word count for each day
  • got the email list fixed!
  • updated the Publisher and payment information on all the publishing accounts
  • input all my current story ideas in Scrivener – most are just notecards right now, but they’re all consolidated. There are over 100 ideas that I’ve either got notes or beginnings for.

August 2015 Wrapup

Things started to go off the rails in August – and didn’t do any writing in September (so no planning or update posts for that month) – I’m only now getting things back on track!

Zero Draft – Clockwork Empire
I only managed about 22,000 words on Clockwork Empire.  There was a lot more background and planning work for the story than I’d planned on. I did get most of it worked out, but the writing was slow.

Revision – Dark and Light
The goal was 45,000 words and I got to 43,000.  I had to stop and re-evaluate some things when the feedback on Shadows and Secrets came in, since Dark and Light is the sequel.

Blog Posts – 
Blog posts…. right…. I had planned to do several of them here and on other sites. That didn’t happen. I need to better about that. I promise I’ll do better!

July 2015 Goals

These are my planned projects and word counts for July 2015

Revisions- 95,598 words

  • Shadows and Secrets

Flash Fiction – 750-3000 words

  • 3 – 6 stories for Monstrous Beauties/Beautiful Monsters

Not scheduled – 471 words

  • Spirit Battalion, RIP
  • Office of Personnel Management

Blog Posts/Pages – 600 words

  • July Goals
  • 2015 Projects
  • Future Projects
  • Types of  projects
  • Status of projects/My process


Record Keeping

I’ve been neglecting this site, though I have been writing. I’m going to fix that though, so expect to see more posts going forward.

I’m going to use this site to track my work and my process and to share how I work. Hopefully, you’ll find it interesting, and it will help me stay accountable and getting words on the page.

Expect to see monthly goals and results, records of what went well and what gave me problems. I’ll be throwing in surveys and polls occasionally , along with snippets of some of my works-in-progress. And of course, announcements of any publications.

Even though July is half over, and the year is more than half gone, I’m going to start this month and go forward.  If you want to see what my writing To-Do list looks like, watch for monthly posts and two new pages. The pages will show what I’m working on for the year and what projects are sitting on the back burner.